Driving the Duke

From the palace to the Prado – Harry heads out on the world’s largest sand island!

You may have heard about some royal guests that recently visited our shores!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, or Harry and Meghan as we like to call them, made waves on Fraser Island as they got a true-blue taste of our World Heritage-listed paradise!

During the royal tour of Australia, the protocol is for someone on the palace security team to drive the Duke and Duchess to their engagements. But not on Fraser Island!...They needed  the local experts to navigate the tough terrain and sandy 4WD tracks.

That’s where our team came in! Meet the man behind the wheel: General Manager of Fraser Explorer Tours, Colin Anderson.

Col was the lucky one to spend the day showing Harry the island’s iconic sights, from the Pile Valley Rainforest, to the jewel in the Fraser Island crown, Lake McKenzie.

So the question everyone’s asking…did Harry hit the tracks?? When asked if Harry had a spin, Colin replied “I’m sure he would’ve loved to have given it a go, but we wouldn’t let him!”. Maybe next time, Harry!