• K'gari Beach Resort, K'gari (formerly Fraser Island)

    K'gari Beach Resort

    With a prime location along K'gari (Fraser Island's) iconic 75 Mile Beach, K'gari Beach Resort truly has a World Heritage-listed paradise right on its doorstep. The perfect base to soak up the spectacular sunrise views along the east coast and discover the island's bucket list locations.

  • Kingfisher Bay Resort, K'gari (formerly Fraser Island)

    Kingfisher Bay Resort

    With idyllic white beaches, endless sunshine, World Heritage-listed wilderness to explore, and spectacular sunsets across the bay, it’s the perfect place to stay and unwind on island time. Wake up in paradise to the sweet songs of birdlife, take in the scenery from your private deck, or stroll down to the beach for a dip with nature right on your doorstep.

On K'gari Explorer Tours multi-day tours, guests will stay at one or both resorts depending on the type of tour booked.

On two-day tours, overnight accommodation is provided at K'gari Beach Resort, located on 75 Mile Beach on the island's east coast. For those staying three or more days, additional accommodation at Kingfisher Bay Resort will also be included in your itinerary.

Both resorts have a range of accommodations to choose from and optional upgrades can be requested during check-in.

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